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Modular ICU with Web-View Technology

Our mission is to provide the Best Quality Surgery Care, that is affordable and accessible to everyone.

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About Us

Surgicare & ICU-Critical care Hospital is a novel concept center for our types of surgeries & critical care under one roof.

It is a stale art center with all ultra-modern facilities & NABH Compliances. We have dedicated 10 bedded tertiary ICU care with 3 ventilators & 1 dialysis facility.

We have 2 stale of art Modular of with Laminar air HOW and HEPA filters, to caler you with zero-infection rate.

Our Mission

To provide tertiary care Medical facilities by one of the best teams of doctors and Nursing staff at a very affordable rate.

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Our Vision

We have an innovative vision of providing the best facilities for all types of surgery at the best affordable rate under one roof.

We have a team of the best surgeons to ease your experience of surgery.
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Why Surgicare ?

Latest ICU Facilities

We have a well equipped ICU, ventilator and dialysis machine. Intensivist and round the clock well experienced ICU staff (Registered and Nursing).

Modular OT, AHU, Laminar Air Flow as per NABH

Two modular OT’s with AHU/Laminar air flow/HEPA filter. A state-of-art compliant for all types of complicated surgeries. It is a corporate hospital facility at a cost lower than the corporate hospitals.


We have an inhouse dialysis set-up for complicated ICU patients who require dialysis for acute renal failure. It is again a corporate facility at a cost lower than corporate hospitals.

Assisted Surgery Experience

A dedicated Medical Coordinator assists you throughout the surgery journey from insurance paperwork, to free commute from home to hospital & back and admission-discharge process at the hospital.

Our Patients  Love Us

Frequently   Asked Questions

The medical coordinator, on day 1 or the first interaction tries to understand your problem and helps you guide with the best treatment options. He/ she will assist you in getting your OPD scheduled and will help you connect with the best surgeon according to your needs.

Yes, Surgicare offers online doctor consultation. With online consultation in place, patients can now consult a doctor based on their specialization from anywhere, anytime as per the available slots. Our patients can opt to talk to our doctors via call or online chat to discuss their health issues. Our doctors thoroughly understand the patient's issue and provide them the necessary medications and tests.

Surgicare assists you in getting the insurance approval done within 30 minutes. Surgicare is not an insurance regulatory. Your insurance coverage depends on the health insurance type (personal, corporate) and the terms and conditions set by the insurance provider. Our insurance team helps you get the maximum benefits of your policy and makes sure that while availing the insurance, you have all the payment options - cashless and reimbursement payment.

Yes, you can avail second medical opinion by specialised doctors for all diseases. Our doctor tracks your pathology reports, your post-operative report (if you had a surgery earlier), your discharge summary (if you were hospitalised earlier for the disease), your current treatment and medication plan, and guides you with the required/ new treatment course ahead.

On the day of the surgery, a dedicated ‘care buddy’ is assigned to every patient. 'Surgicare buddy’ is a unique concept of Surgicare. The ‘care buddy’ is responsible for carrying out all important tasks and paperwork while the patient goes through the surgery.

What is   Surgicare

What is Surgicare?

Surgicare & ICU is a 16 bedded novel concept hospital in Vadodara’s medical history. It is basically a state-of-art hospital for all types of complicated and life-threatening surgeries in Vadodara. We have 9 bedded fully equipped ICU to provide post-operative care to complicated surgeries.

We have one of the best ICU team of Vadodara who act as our core team members:

  • Dr. Dharmendra Wala (ICU – Intensivist)
  • Dr. Ashwin R. Patel (M.S Surgeon)

Rest Surgicare & ICU is open to all Surgeons, Super-Speciality surgeons, Neurosurgeons, Orthopedic surgeons, Plastic surgeons, ENT surgeons etc to bring their patients who need proper post-operative ICU care and perform their surgery and stay assured for post-operative care.

Know More   About Surgicare ?

All humans deserve equal treatment but everyone cannot afford costly treatments at multispeciality or super-specialty hospitals.

In India, many people don’t even have mediclaim to deal with medical emergencies. Also, there is a lack of experienced professionals to consult for a second opinion in case of surgery. Surgicare & ICU is built keeping in view the above points. It offers surgery and post-surgery critical care.

Surgicare & ICU Hospital is well equipped for all kinds of surgeries and offers one of the best ICU teams of Vadodara to take care of critical patients. It offers help to all those patients who do not have mediclaim but need treatments. Surgicare & ICU offers the opportunity for second opinions.

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