COVID Treatment at Surgicare

Covid Treatment
at Surgicare

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    Pristyn Care: A COVID-19 Medical Care Centre

    COVID Medical Stay at Surgicare

    As India continues its battle against COVID-19, Pristyn Care has stepped up to join hands with various hotel properties to provide safe and isolated stays for the entire course of one’s recovery. Pristyn Care has placed the highest standards of hygiene practices while treating or diagnosing the patients. Key features of COVID treatment at Pristyn Care are:

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    About Us

    Surgicare is a new-age healthcare company with a laser-sharp focus on simplifying the entire surgery journey of a patient and his/her attendant by offering care and assistance at each and every step.

    Every surgery at Surgicare is done using the most advanced medical technology and equipment. Patients are treated at the hands of super specialist surgeons who have been conducting surgeries for over 8-10 years.

    Surgicare ensures that the patient’s experience right from the discovery of the right doctor to a successful surgery and follow-up consultation after the surgery – is hassle-free and care-filled.

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