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What is a Face lift?

A facelift includes surgical lifting and tightening of the tissues in the face to give a more youthful appearance. The doctor removes excess skin, smoothens out the skin to remove wrinkles. A facelift doesn’t include tightening the brow or tissues around the eyes.


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    Treatment of face lift


    Depending on the patient’s needs, the surgeons decide which technique of Facelift is suitable for them.

    • Standard facelift- This is recommended to correct prominent signs of aging around the mid-face and neck. As the surgery is more advanced and complex, the results are also prominent. This procedure smoothens creases, eliminates sagging skin under the chin.
    • Mini- facelift- For women who have mild jowling and sagging skin, doctors recommend them undergoing a mini-facelift. This further delays the early signs of aging. Hence, in the future, there is no need to opt for another extensive surgery.


    Under the influence of anesthesia, the surgeon makes initial incisions. Followed by this, the skin of the face is separated from the connective tissue and muscles. The surgeon repositions the tissues to remove the jowls and creates an even skin foundation. The skin is again put back over the new tissues.

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    We offer free follow-up consultations and instructions including dietary tips as well as exercises to every patient to ensure they have a smooth recovery to their daily routines.

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    Our surgeons spend a lot of time with you to diagnose your condition. You are assisted in all pre-surgery medical diagnostics. Our procedures are according to the norms of NABH.

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    A dedicated Medical Coordinator assists you throughout the surgery journey from insurance paperwork, to free commute from home to hospital & back and admission-discharge process at the hospital.

    Need for Facelift

    The following people should consider a facelift-

    • Someone looking to remove excess skin
    • Someone willing to remove signs of aging
    • Someone looking to get rid of wrinkles
    • Someone looking to tighten the facial tissue for a younger-looking appearance
    • Someone looking to smoothen out the folds
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    Need for Facelift

    The following people should consider a facelift-

    • Someone looking to remove excess skin
    • Someone willing to remove signs of aging
    • Someone looking to get rid of wrinkles
    • Someone looking to tighten the facial tissue for a younger-looking appearance
    • Someone looking to smoothen out the folds

    Ideal Candidate for Facelift

    Although a facelift can be opted for by people looking to get rid of wrinkles, it may not be a suitable option for all people. One must remember that facelift surgery is an individualistic procedure. The following people are considered good candidates for a facelift.

    • An individual not suffering from any pre-existing medical condition
    • An individual who does not have the habit of smoking
    • An individual who keeps realistic expectations from the procedure
    • An individual who follows a healthy lifestyle and maintains a healthy weight
    • An individual who doesn’t take drugs
    • An individual who is ready to follow a proper healthy lifestyle even after the procedure

    Types of Facelift

    Depending on the patient’s individualistic needs and wants, the surgeon recommends the appropriate type of facelift. Here are the types of facelift explained-

    • Mini-facelift- This is recommended for people who show only a mild level of sagging around the neck. As it cures mild jowling and sagging, surgeons make only smaller incisions to tighten the facial tissues. Surgeons generally make incisions around the cheeks to tighten and lift the facial tissues. This lift allows to refine the jawline and give a rejuvenated appearance. People suffering from early signs of aging should ideally consider a mini-facelift.
    • Standard facelift- People suffering from advanced and severe signs of aging are recommended to consider this type of facelift. This is a ‘standard’ facelift that rectifies all signs of aging, especially around the neck and mid-face. The results of this facelift are far more dramatic than the mini-facelift. Hence, it takes more time to recover from this facelift than the mini-facelift. During the procedure, surgeons generally make the incisions behind the hairline, around the front of the ear area, near the temples and the natural folds on the face. The main objective of the surgery is to remove excessive tissue to smoothen out the fine lines and remove sagging under the skin.

    Questions To Ask Before Facelift

    It is common to have some questions about the procedure. Make sure you get all your queries clarified before the surgery so that you can make a proper decision.

    • What kind of results should I expect after the procedure?
    • Are the equipment up-to-date?
    • How much does the entire procedure cost? What are the different financing options available at your clinic?
    • Do you provide additional instructions to follow after the procedure that guarantees the best results?
    • Do I need to visit the doctor for a follow-up consultation required after a face?
    • Are there any additional benefits that you provide under the quoted cost?
    • Are there any hospital privileges provided during this procedure? If yes, then at which hospitals?

    Preparation of Facelift

    Similar to any other surgical procedure, a patient has to prepare for the facelift too. Preparation helps in reducing the risk of any mishap occurring. Prior to the procedure, the doctors ask patients to complete all the necessary blood tests and complete all the prescribed tests. In addition to this, surgeons ask patients to take the following preparatory steps-

    • Stop smoking absolutely as nicotine in the bloodstream can delay the process of healing.
    • Do not take any anti-inflammatory medicines, drugs, and herbal supplements without proper consultation with the surgeon.
    • Restrict taking any blood-thinning medicines such as Aspirin as this can increase the chances of heavy bleeding.
    • Stop or adjust taking certain medications after speaking with the surgeon.
    • Don’t apply any products on the face before the procedure.

    Risks of Facelift

    It is important to know the possible risks and complications that can occur after a facelift. As facelift is also a surgical procedure, it is common to experience the following side effects after the procedure. These side effects can be easily taken care of by taking proper measures.

    • Reaction to anesthesia
    • Bleeding
    • Formation of blood clots
    • Infection
    • Accumulation of fluid
    • Temporary numbness or changes in sensitivity of the skin
    • Irregular skin texture
    • Discoloration of the skin
    • Asymmetrical results
    • Formation of visible deformities around the incisions
    • Injury to the facial nerve
    • Deep vein thrombosis
    • Swelling that doesn’t come down
    • Pain around the incisions
    • Loss of hair where cuts are made
    • Visible scarring
    • Delay in the recovery of the wounds
    • Cardiac problems

    Recovery After Facelift

    It takes around 2 weeks for patients to resume daily activities after a standard facelift. If the person undergoes a mini facelift, the duration is much less. It is common to experience some bruising and swelling after the procedure. Taking proper post-operative care can help in getting relief from the same.

    • Don’t cover the face with any clothing
    • Avoid lifting any heavy objects or wrights until the wounds heal completely
    • Ask your surgeons if it is safe to wear any makeup
    • Keep your face protected from the sun as much as possible
    • For a considerable amount of time, do not perform any strenuous activities such as sex
    • Do not miss the follow-up without fail
    • While resting, make sure you do not put any pressure on the face
    • Sleep with the head elevated at a 45-degree angle
    • While showering, do not put water on the face

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    In India, many people don’t even have mediclaim to deal with medical emergencies. Also, there is a lack of experienced professionals to consult for a second opinion in case of surgery. Surgicare & ICU is built keeping in view the above points. It offers surgery and post-surgery critical care.

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