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What are female genital problems?

Diseases or problematic health conditions associated with the genitalia of the females that need proper treatment constitute female genital problems. External genitalia consists of outer lips of vagina (labia majora), inner lips of vagina (labia minora), vestibule, hymen, urethra, urethra meatus, clitoris, and skene’s gland. Genital problems can cause alot of pain, discomfort in wearing fitted clothes, being active and even pain during sexual intercourse. The best suited treatment for a genital problem depends upon the cause and its diagnosis.

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Overview of female genital problems

Causes of female genital problems

Sexually transmitted infections

Certain health conditions

Infections in the vagina or the cervix

Loosening of vagina after childbirth

Excessive growth of inner lips of the vagina

Vaginal medicines and irritation due to certain feminine hygiene products

Excessive growth of the clitoral hood

Symptoms of female genital problems

Pain in the pelvic region

Increased or changed vaginal discharge

Redness, itching or pain in the vaginal region

Burning sensation while peeing

Painful sex

Rashes or sores in the vulva

Treatment of female genital problems

When you visit our clinic for consultation regarding a cosmetic gynaecology procedure, our gynecologist will begin with a physical examination to analyze the condition and decide if you are eligible for the procedure. Eligibility criteria for different types of cosmetic vaginal procedures are different and are usually based on sexual function, impact on the female’s life, self-confidence and body image. Genital cosmetic procedures might also be needed if the female experiences general discomfort and pain. The gynecologist may also ask general questions to know more about the condition and decide the best treatment that fulfils the patient’s needs.

During your appointment for a cosmetic gynaecology surgery, our board-certified and highly experienced gynecologist will discuss the following with you-

  • Your expectations from the procedure
  • If you have any medical conditions, allergies or any ongoing medical treatments
  • If you are currently taking any medications, vitamins or prescribed supplements
  • If you take alcohol or smoke
  • If you have had any previous genital surgeries

Your gynecologist may also evaluate your general health and discuss your options and course of treatment based on your surgical goals. The gynecologist will let you know what outcomes you can expect from your aesthetic genital surgery and if there are any risks or potential complications involved

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We offer free follow-up consultations and instructions including dietary tips as well as exercises to every patient to ensure they have a smooth recovery to their daily routines.

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Our surgeons spend a lot of time with you to diagnose your condition. You are assisted in all pre-surgery medical diagnostics. We offer advanced laser and laparoscopic surgical treatment. Our procedures are USFDA approved.

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Frequently   Asked Questions

The sutures generally dissolve and heal completely in 3 to 4 weeks after labiaplasty.

You can consult the best gynecologists at Pristyn Care clinic or book an online consultation with the gynecologist from your home.

Yes, labiaplasty is performed under the influence of local or general anesthesia.

Consult the best gynecologists for Clitoral hood reduction surgery at Surgicare clinic.

Labiaplasty is performed by expert gynecologists and is a completely safe and risk-free procedure.

Vaginoplasty can absolutely be combined with laser vaginal rejuvenation for better results or as the female desires.

Consult the best gynecologists at Surgicare clinic. All our gynecologists are highly qualified and hold years of experience in treating various gynecological problems.

Vaginoplasty is usually performed for the following reasons-

  • Tighten the vagina
  • Reduce urinary leakage
  • Enhance friction during intimacy
  • Increase sexual gratification for both partners
  • Enhance vaginal muscle tone
  • Improve vaginal appearance

Cosmetic Gynaecology Procedures at Pristyn Care

The term vaginal plastic surgery covers several different procedures of the female genitalia. Surgical procedures in female genital plastic surgery mainly are in the form of female genital rejuvenation surgery, female genital cosmetic surgery, vulvovaginal plastic surgery and vaginal tightening surgery. Cosmetic gynaecology procedures or female genital plastic surgeries performed by our gynaecologists include labiaplasty, clitoral hood reduction, and vaginoplasty.

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1. Labiaplasty

Labiaplasty can be simplified as the medical procedure which reduces the length of the labia minora, inner lips of the vagina. Labiaplasty is the most commonly performed vaginal surgical procedure. This surgery can relieve symptoms that a female experiences due to twisting or tugging of the enlarged labia.

The most common procedure of labiaplasty is the trim procedure. During this procedure, the surgeon removes the extra tissues of the labia and then sews up directly. Another popular procedure for labiaplasty is the wedge procedure in which the surgeon removes the pie-shaped pieces of the tissues and then maintains a natural border. The surgeon can also remove the extra folds of the clitoral hood at the same time. In the end, Closure is done using absorbable sutures.

Goal of labiaplasty- The aim of this procedure is to reduce the labia minora to the normal size. Labiaplasty may be carried out on a female to reduce the asymmetry of the inner lips of the vagina, like when one is longer than another. The surgery can also be performed to reduce the length of both the labia.

Recovering from a labiaplasty- In the surgical procedure, it takes about 4-6 weeks for complete recovery. During the recovery period, the patient is advised to not insert a tampon or any other object into the vagina. The doctor also advises avoiding intercourse till the sutures completely dissolve.

What are the risks associated with a labiaplasty?- The risks of a labiaplasty include the common risks associated with most surgical procedures, such as bleeding, hematoma or infection. The surgeon is already prepared to cope with such complications if they occur during or after the procedure. Although, the most common complication associated with labiaplasty is “over-resection”. In some cases, women desire to have an aggressive reduction in the size of the labia. But, this can cause chronic dryness, scarring near the vaginal opening and pain during intercourse.

2. Clitoral hood reduction

Excess folds skin that covers the clitoral hood can be reduced with the surgical procedure of clitoral hood reduction. The extra folds of skin can create a bulge which may become more exaggerated when the labia minora are reduced, and so, a clitoral hood reduction is usually done to improve the balance in the appearance of the female genitalia. A clitoral hood reduction can be performed at the time of a labiaplasty under local or general anesthesia, depending on the preference of the patient.

Risks associated with clitoral hood reduction- The risks associated with clitoral hood reduction are under-resection or over-resection bleeding, hematoma or infection.

Recovering from a clitoral hood reduction- The recovery time for clitoral hood reduction is 4 to 6 weeks. The sutures will dissolve completely during the recovery period.

Results of clitoral hood reduction surgery- Clitoral hoodoplasty is a very successful procedure and when performed by an expert cosmetic gynecologist, it delivers the desired results. Most females choose to undergo clitoral hood reduction surgery along with labiaplasty. Both the procedures performed together have a high success rate of over 90 percent.

3. Vaginoplasty

Vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure to tighten the vagina. After childbirth, females complain of vaginal laxity, resulting from the stretching of tissues during childbirth. Females with significant vaginal laxity will experience a benefit from vaginoplasty and are ideal candidates for this vaginal tightening procedure. An alternative to vaginoplasty is noninvasive laser vaginal tightening that tightens the vagina without any surgical incisions or sutures.

Recovering from a vaginoplasty- A female may need about 1 to 2 weeks of downtime after the surgery. Some females resume their daily lifestyle after 3-4 days of the surgery. The patient is strictly advised to not insert a tampon or have intercourse for about 8 weeks, until she completely recovers.

What are the results of a vaginoplasty? Vaginoplasty procedure results in a tighter vaginal canal, which gives relief from problems such as urinary incontinence and also helps enhance sexual satisfaction.

Choose the best gynecologists you can trust for your Cosmetic Gynecology Procedure

A very important thing to prioritise when considering having a cosmetic gynecologic procedure is to find a gynecologist you can trust. At Pristyn Care, you will find a team of caring, compassionate, and completely professional gynecologists and medical experts. Our primary goal is to provide you with the care and treatment you really need. You can be comfortable with our doctors and gynecologists and discuss openly your concerns and goals with them. We want you to know that we will provide you the best possible care. When you are ready to schedule your consultation for a cosmetic gynecology procedure, choose us – the best gynecologists who put you, your needs, and comfort first.

Are you interested in undergoing a cosmetic gynecologic procedure? We warmly welcome you to contact us to find out more about the procedure and to schedule a consultation with the best gynecologist in your city.

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