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What is Hymenoplasty ?

Hymenoplasty is the surgical reconstruction of the hymen. Hymen is the thin mucous membrane inside the female’s vagina, which acts as a barrier and prevents any foreign particles or infection from entering the female’s vagina until her puberty. Almost all females are born with hymen. But some females can be born without an intact hymen. There is no significant risk or harm in case of absence of the hymen.

The hymen breaks or tears at the time of the female’s first sexual intercourse. She may bleed a little due to the breaking of this tender muscle. The hymen can also break or tear due to vigorous physical activities or workouts like gymnastics, horse-riding, swimming, etc. The hymen may also break in accidental cases, where the female may need immediate medical assistance or surgery.

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Overview of Hymenoplasty

Treatment of Hymenoplasty


The gynecologist physically examines the patient to make sure she is fit for the surgery.


Hymenoplasty is a clinic based procedure performed under general or local anesthesia, as recommended by the gynecologist. The doctor will then make a transverse incision in the vestibular mucosa posterior to the vaginal wall. The surgery is performed by uniting the remaining torn tags of the hymen. The broken tags of the hymen are joined with self-dissolvable sutures, which dissolve in 15-21 days. After the operation, patients are advised to always keep the area clean and apply the ointment regularly.

The female has to maintain proper hygiene and wear loose fitting clothes after the surgery. Avoid using irritants or scented sprays or washes around the vaginal area.

Why Surgicare ?

Surgicare is COVID-19 safe

our safety is taken care of by thermal screening, social distancing, sanitized clinics and hospital rooms, sterilized surgical equipment and mandatory PPE kits during surgery.

Post Surgery Care

We offer free follow-up consultations and instructions including dietary tips as well as exercises to every patient to ensure they have a smooth recovery to their daily routines.

Medical Expertise With Technology

Our surgeons spend a lot of time with you to diagnose your condition. You are assisted in all pre-surgery medical diagnostics. We offer advanced laser and laparoscopic surgical treatment. Our procedures are USFDA approved.

Assisted Surgery Experience

A dedicated Medical Coordinator assists you throughout the surgery journey from insurance paperwork, to free commute from home to hospital & back and admission-discharge process at the hospital.

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Frequently   Asked Questions

Local anesthesia is given to the patient before the surgery so that the patient feels no pain. After the surgery also, you will not feel any pain or discomfort. But doctors prescribe painkillers or medications if there is any pain or discomfort. Surgicare gynecologists are highly experienced to provide hymenoplasty surgeries in India.

Doctors recommend their patients to avoid exertion around the vagina. The stitches take around 21-24 days to heal. The patient should remember that no extra strain is applied until the stitches completely heal and dissolve. Our doctors provide a special set of instructions to follow after the surgery.

The surgery is usually completed within 35-40 minutes and the patient can go home easily after thorough monitoring. If the doctor finds it suitable, he may recommend the patient to stay for the night.

The hymen will remain intact unless the female has sexual intercourse. She should take the precautions mentioned above for quick and easy recovery.

In India, for all hymenoplasty surgeries, we provide a dedicated patient buddy from the time patient enters the time patient exit the hospital. Pick and drop cab facility, seamless insurance claims, deluxe hygienic rooms, and also free food for the attendant. We also provide free follow up post-surgeries

The modern hymenoplasty offered by Surgicare is performed under the influence of anesthesia (general or local). It is a minimally invasive surgery that allows the patient to go home within 5-6 hours as the anesthesia wears off. There is only mild discomfort for a few days and no major pain or complication is experienced by the patient.

Only a specialist/ gynecologist who is well trained in conducting gynecological surgeries is allowed to perform hymenoplasty. Otherwise it can be a very dangerous decision for your health if you do not choose your doctor wisely.

Hymenoplasty is the cosmetic repairment of the hymen and is not a critical health emergency. Thus, hymenoplasty is not covered in insurance claims. To know more about the expenses of hymenoplasty and the modes of transactions at Surgicare, feel free to call us now.

You should only choose a well-qualified gynecologist who is trained in performing hymenoplasty without any complications. Also, maintenance of confidentiality of identity and other details is something that most females willing to undergo hymenoplasty want. Thus, a healthcare provider who promises to maintain confidentiality should be your choice for the surgery. Gynecologists of Surgicare in India have expertise in conducting modern hymenoplasty that is an outpatient procedure. Hence, a female can return home on the same day within 4-5 hours of the procedure. To know more about hymenoplasty at Surgicare, you can contact Surgicare.

Get Most Advanced Hymenoplasty In India

The hymen is a ring-shaped membrane in the vagina which is often considered to be associated with virginity. However, this is not entirely true. Apart from sexual intercourse, the hymen can rupture due to a variety of reasons like strenuous exercise, yoga stretching, horse riding, gymnastics, etc. It is also possible that the hymen may just stretch and not rupture even during sexual penetration. In such cases, bleeding does not occur and conservative people can start raising questions and doubts. No woman would like to entertain such doubts and this can be quite stressful. Therefore, in order to avoid these questions, some women prefer to undergo hymen reconstruction through hymenoplasty.

Women in India who want to restore their virginity can contact Surgicare. Get the best hymenoplasty surgery in India at your nearest Surgicare clinic. Surgicare promises complete privacy and assures that the information regarding the patient, surgery, and other details will remain confidential.

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What Is The Need For Hymenoplasty?

Losing virginity before marriage is a taboo in our society, even in today’s day and age. If a woman does not bleed during first sexual intercourse post marriage, it raises questions about her personal life in the minds of conservative people. Most of the people projecting such questions to a woman have incomplete knowledge about the functioning of the hymen and the reproductive system. These doubts can create a stressful environment for the woman and this can take a toll on their mental health as well.

However, there is a way to avoid such a traumatic experience. At present time, women can get their hymen reconstructed through the advanced hymenoplasty procedure. Women can undergo hymenoplasty confidentially in India without the fear of breach of privacy. Once the sutures heal, no one can determine if a woman has undergone surgery for hymen repairment. Through the hymenoplasty procedure, women can avoid these traumatic experiences and take control of their future. Surgicare offers the advanced hymenoplasty procedure in India. If you have any queries, contact Surgicare.

Highly Experienced Hymenoplasty Doctors In India

Surgicare brings on board the best specialist doctors for hymenoplasty in India. All our gynecologists are skilled and experienced to conduct modern hymenoplasty with precision. Our gynecologists understand the mental state of each and every patient who reaches out to them for hymenoplasty. Thus, they ensure to make the patient comfortable and confident about the procedure by attending all their queries and concern courteously.

Best gynecologists for hymenoplasty that are associated with Surgicare in India are:

Dr. Pallavi Gupta

  • 8 Years

Dr Garima Sawhney

  • MBBS(2005) / MS(2013)
  • 14 years

How Surgicare is associated with the best hospitals in India?

Hymenoplasty/hymenorrhaphy is mostly performed at Surgicare clinics. In some cases, it is possible that the surgery takes place at a Surgicare associated hospital in India. Surgicare works in partnership with the super-speciality hospitals in India that are well equipped and thoroughly sanitized to protect against coronavirus.

Hospitals associated with Surgicare in India for gynecological surgeries are:

  • W Pratiksha
  • CK Birla
  • Origin Hospital

Why Hymenoplasty is a better option?

  • Safe and quick reconstruction of the hymen
  • Performed under the influence of anesthesia- Painless procedure
  • No scars and no long term wounds
  • Uses dissolvable stitches that fade away within 15-20 days
  • No risk of complications or infections
  • Outpatient procedure- Same day discharge

Why To Choose Surgicare For Hymenoplasty?

Experienced surgeons for hymenoplasty- The hymenoplasty procedure is performed by specialists who have years of experience in the field. The doctors are very much comfortable with the advanced procedures for hymen reconstruction and thus the treatment is very reliable.

Quick and safe procedure- The procedure of hymenoplasty does not take more than an hour to complete. After the completion of the surgery, the patient needs to stay in the hospital for a couple of hours to allow the effect of anesthesia to subside. They can then return home on the same day only. The surgery does not have any major side effects. The patient needs to maintain proper hygiene and the recovery would be completely smooth.

Confidential consultation- You can trust Surgicare for a 100% confidential consultation. Your identity, problems and other aspects of the treatment will be kept completely private.

24×7 Assistance- Surgicare provides the patients with support and medical assistance round the clock. The medical coordinators are available throughout the day and the patient can contact them regarding any issue.

What Is The Estimated Cost Of Hymenoplasty In India?

The estimated cost of hymenoplasty in India can differ depending upon various factors. Thus, it can be a little tricky to make the right choice of doctor for hymenoplasty in India. At Surgicare in India, cost of hymenoplasty performed by our well-trained surgeons is reasonable. The patient is not asked to pay for any major medical or hospital expenses.

Nearest Clinics For Hymenoplasty In India

Surgicare has a clinic for consultation regarding hymenoplasty and other gynecological treatments on HUDA Market Rd, Sector 29, India. Women from South City, Sushant Lok-I, DLF Phase 2, Sultanpur, Civil lines, Laxmi Vihar, IMT Manesar, Sadar Bazaar, sector 29, sector 44, sector 45, sector 48, sector 49, Udyog Vihar Phase I, Udyog Vihar Phase II, Udyog Vihar Phase III, Ardee City, Sun City, Ghata Village, Ullawas Village, Badshahpur Bada Bazar, Village Ramgarh, Mg Road, Sohna Road, etc. localities of India can easily visit the Surgicare clinic and get confidential consultation for hymenoplasty.

Nearest Cities To Best Clinic For Hymenoplasty In India

Women residing in the cities nearby India can also visit Surgicare gynecologists for hymenoplasty. Not just India, Surgicare clinics are also present in Faridabad, New Delhi, Ghaziabad, and Noida. Women from Surajkund, Surya Nagar, Tigaon, Tikawali, Tilpat, Vinay Nagar, etc. of Faridabad, Kulesara, Sector 16, Sector 126, Sector 30, Sector 29, Sector 28, etc of Noida, Karol Bagh, Malviya Nagar, Greater Kailash, Vasant Kunj, Hauz Khas, Mayur Vihar, Udyog Vihar, Rohini, etc. of Delhi can book their online appointment through Surgicare website at their nearest Surgicare clinic for detailed private consultation .

How To Book Appointment with the Best Treatment Center in India?

It is quite simple to set an online appointment with a Surgicare gynecologist in India. For booking an appointment, simply give us a call on the abovementioned number or fill the contact form that appears on your right hand side. As you submit the form, one of our representatives will get back to you as early as possible to help you with the convenient appointment. Once your appointment is fixed, visit the doctor right on time for detailed consultation.

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