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What is Laser Vaginal Tightening?

The laser vaginal tightening is a pain-free procedure that brings back the natural elasticity of the vagina. The procedure is completed in 4 to 5 sessions. Each session is completed in 20 minutes and is carried out at a gap of 25 days. There are no cuts, stitches, blood loss, pain, hospitalization in laser vaginal tightening and hence the female requires no downtime.

With just a few sessions of pain-free laser procedures, the female will be free from urinary leakage, vaginal looseness, vaginal dryness, vaginal itching, soreness and loss of sensitivity of the vagina. Vaginal tightening procedure can bring back the sexual pleasure which is lost due to vaginal laxity and make the vagina youthful again.

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Overview of Laser Vaginal Tightening

Causes of Laser Vaginal Tightening

Urinary Leakage

Sexual Discomfort

Looseness in the vagina

Vaginal itching and odor

Treatment of Laser Vaginal Tightening


The gynecologist examines the female to check the vaginal laxity. The number of sessions needed are confirmed by the gynecologist after diagnosis.


The laser vaginal tightening is a pain-free procedure that tightens the vagina to prevent and control disorders stemming from increased laxity of vaginal walls. The laser probe in the female’s vagina leaves laser patches in the vaginal walls. The laser beam penetrates about 0.5 millimeters deep in the inner vaginal walls.

Each session of the vaginal tightening lasts for approximately 20 minutes. No anaesthesia is given to the female. Laser probe emits laser energy. The laser beam is designed to penetrate inside the vaginal walls, increasing the stimulation of protein in them and restoring the natural tightness. The laser procedure is medically approved and is of no harm to the female or the vagina. The procedure is completely pain free and involves no cuts or stitches. The female would not have to spend more than 20 minutes in the clinic. No diet or lifestyle precautions! The results can be observed from the first session itself. After the completion of all the sessions, your vagina would be as good as new! Visit Pristyn Care clinic in India for safe, pain less, quick and simple Laser Vaginal Tightening.

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Frequently   Asked Questions

The results of laser vaginal tightening are not permanent but last several years.

Laser vaginal tightening is the most effective and convenient vaginal tightening procedure for females facing problems like looseness in the vagina, stress urinary incontinence, painful sex, or so.

Each session is completed in less than 20 minutes and the female is fit to resume her normal lifestyle right after the treatment.

You can consult the best gynecologist for vaginal tigthening at Surgicare.

A tightened vagina provides increased friction during intercourse. Most females experience better orgasms after laser vaginal tightening procedure.

Kegel exercises are also beneficial for getting a tight vagina. But the female needs to understand that kegels and other pelvic floor exercises take a few weeks to show the results.

Yes, a female can undergo vaginal tightening after healing completely after delivery.

Generally, a female needs about 4-6 sessions of laser treatment for vaginal tightening.

Benefits of Laser Vaginal Tightening

  • Reduced looseness & laxity of vaginal muscles
  • Relief from vaginal dryness and itching
  • Cure for urinary problems like urinary leakage (Stress Urinary Incontinence) and vaginal prolapse
  • Enhances overall vaginal health
  • Long-lasting effects, up to 4-5 years
  • Restores vaginal suppleness
  • Unifies the texture of the vaginal skin
  • No downtime from regular activities
  • Repairs childbirth damage
  • Increased sexual confidence
  • Heightened orgasms
  • Improved Relationships
  • Removes friction during movements
  • Eliminates pain during intercourse
  • Enhanced sex drive
  • Boosts general self-esteem
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Are vaginal tightening creams and gels effective?

Vaginal tightening creams and gels are targeted towards women who notice looseness in their vagina due to ageing or multiple vaginal deliveries. But the side effects of the products weigh more than the benefits.

The products contain ingredients that leave an astringent effect on the vagina that claim to tighten up the vulva and the vaginal walls. Technically, the ingredients present in the products create dryness in the vaginal walls making the vagina feels tighter for some time. The dryness can cause painful intercourse.

Vaginal tightening gels and creams are not available on prescription and gynecologists do not recommend them as safe or effective. Although some women feel tightness in their vagina after applying these gels and creams, the feel is temporary and the results are not long-lasting. In the words of a senior gynecologist at Pristyn Care, “It is never a good decision to apply vaginal tightening gels and creams in the vagina. It dries out the vaginal walls and causes a decrease in vaginal lubrication which is not at all healthy. The friction caused due to the dryness may also cause vaginal tissue damage and cause inflammation in the vaginal walls.”

When should I consult a doctor after laser vaginal tightening?

Laser vaginal tightening is a safe treatment and causes no complications or risks as such. But on rare occasions, if you experience any of the following conditions, consult with your doctor without any delay.

  • Swelling and redness in the vaginal area
  • Milky foul-smelling discharge oozing out of the vagina
  • The vaginal area feels warmer than normal temperature
  • Fever and chills

Who is an ideal candidate for laser vaginal tightening?

Any female who is in good health and keeps a realistic and positive mindset about vaginal treatment can undergo laser vaginal tightening.

An ideal candidate for laser vaginal tightening is someone who experiences looseness, decreased sexual satisfaction, increased vaginal laxity, problems keeping a tampon intact, and incontinence in the vaginal walls. A good candidate for non-surgical vaginal tightening is a female who has enlarged labias or experiences discomfort while having sexual intercourse. For laser vaginal tightening, an ideal candidate is a female who-

  • wants to increase her sexual pleasure
  • wants to restore the control of her bladder
  • wants to restore the tightness of the vaginal walls
  • wants to enhance the appearance of the vagina

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